Denver, Colorado’s Jeff Mascio

About Jeff Mascio

Jeffrey (Jeff) Mascio, an accomplished senior executive, has found considerable success with business endeavors in Colorado’s nascent legal cannabis industry. As the founding president and chief executive officer of Denver’s Cannabis One, he is leading efforts to build the cannabis brands that will shape the industry’s future for years to come. Jeffery (Jeff) Mascio’s responsibilities with the firm involve managing its cannabis market investment portfolio with an emphasis on engendering improvements throughout the industry.

Before founding Cannabis One in 2015, Jeff Mascio oversaw business and investment operations as a senior administrator or managing partner with multiple corporate entities. Through these positions, he developed relationships with institutional buyers and investment bankers that set the stage for Cannabis One’s rapid and ongoing growth.

Outside of the professional environment, Mr. Mascio is an avid motorcyclist. In the winter months, he enjoys skiing and snowmobiling.